Find the Song Used in a YouTube Video

We all went through this like just watched a video on YouTube from friend mobile and now you want it but don't know what song it was. This really sad news but don't worry there are many ways to identify that song name.


What was that song you played in the YouTube

There are many tricks to find out the name of that song you played on YouTube, we will let you know the options in this article so keep reading.

Option 1:

Few videos included background music from YouTube audio library. This type of video is really very easy to identify the song. Let's learn how it is. GO to history of music played open music statistics option click it just below of it you will get complete details of the song like name of album, song title, year of release, singer, composer this trick you can use only when video track has involved YouTube audio library.

Option 2:

If the song is most popular, use a music detector website to identify it. What is this song? Few of the apps help us to recognize music instruments as well, i would suggest you to install a Shazam app on your phone after that play that song you want to find out, if incase phones apps not available for the android phones then use site Midoni on computer to find Youtube audio song.

Option 3 : Twitter Search

You have YouTube video ID no right then put it on Twitter search bar then you will get many posts which include song ID that you have mentioned, many people tweeted more information about that song in case if you couldn't find full information just send message who have tweeted I'm shore you will get full information of that song, this way of finding song 100% works because i tried it many times and this is very good way to find out unknown foreign language song.

Option 4:

If you know a little bit of lyrics of the song then put it on transcribe then copy that transcription Google it that text this is the one of the solutions to find the song.

Option 5:

Go to the YouTube comments section of that song to know the name of the song, in many songs at YouTube comments section all the necessary details have been mentioned like singer, composer, producer, song release date. The comments section is there to give opinion; song detail descriptions so go to the comments section you could get all the necessary information of that song.

When all points mentioned did not work then you have the last option that is to go to that particular Youtube song message that person who has uploaded the song on their channel might be able to respond with that song. Best of luck!