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Actually you can't use these websites because the movies available on hd hub 4 u movie websites are illegally uploaded on their persons without any license and distributed to public which is an unforgivable crime and also illegal. If by any chance you download movies from such people and distribute them to your friends, it is also illegal and you will be jailed for up to three years and fined up to 20 lakhs in India.

All the above mentioned websites are torrent websites which are uploading various types of programs ie movies, tv shows, media videos on their website without any license most importantly no subscription dud of any kind can be given here you can watch or download all types of videos without any login or subscription, this hd hub 4 u movie websites are very easy to use, anyone can use these websites without any technical knowledge, only Tamirakers owners can upload, if you have any video you want, you can upload it on this website.

The Movie Quality Available in Hd Hub 4 u Movie is as Follows

All types of quality movies are available in Tamirakars like 3gp, 360p and many types of new movies are available only on the same day of release.

HD Quality






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Hd hub 4 u movie changed domains details are as follows

You already know that hd hub 4 u movie website has already been banned by the government of India and the people who started this website have also been arrested, but some people are re-starting the site by changing the domain of the website again and again.

hdhub4u kannadamovies.com










Recently released latest Kannada movies uploaded on Hd hub 4 u movie website are




Pogaru Kannada movie is made with a cost of 35 crores, it is a romantic and entertainer film, a new director named Nandakumar has directed the movie and Dhruva Sarja, Rashmika Mandanna have appeared in the lead roles. Fortunately, the producer of this movie released the movie before the start of the second wave of corona and bought it for good. Now this movie is also available on online websites.

The star cast of this movie is as follows,


Kuri Pratap

Kai Greene


As we have already said that all the movies are uploaded on the privacy websites after hd hub 4 u movie within a few minutes, similarly the recently released Pogaru movie has also been uploaded on Tamirakars website which is also available in HD format. If you see how people are searching on websites like google, bing, yahoo to download Pogaru movie, it is as follows.

Pogaru movie is illegally uploaded not only on Tamirockers but also on many websites namely Filmyzilla, 123movies, 9x movies, Moviesda, kannadarockers, Filmywap, Isaimini, but when it comes to quality, all types are available here namely 3gp, mp4, 360p, 720p, 420p.

Following are the questions people are still asking about hd hub 4 u movie

Where is Tamirakars headquarters?

Located in Samoa

What is the total earnings of hdhub4u?

Its total is 4 million dollars

Is hdhub4u an official website?

No this is a piracy website

How many total people work at hdhub4u?

An estimate is 25 people

Who is the competitor of hdhub4u?

Jirockers kannada, Kannadarockers, Fmovies

What are the benefits of uploading hd hub 4 u movie movies?

He has installed double-click ads on his site and every time a visitor sees his site, he gets so much money. This web site is viewed by millions of people in a single day, so they are earning several lakhs in a single day. Currently hd hub 4 u movie website may be banned but there is a possibility that it will come back anytime, some movies released on Amazon have been recorded on mobile and uploaded on Tamirakers website, people have also requested that Amazon should fight against this. At present no domain of Tamirakars is active but some people on Twitter have shared domain link which was active earlier and are waiting for when this hd hub 4 u movie will come again, Tamirakars recorded the movie released on some OTD platform on mobile and uploaded it on their hd hub 4 u movie site within few minutes. A number of people have now called on Amazon to fight it, otherwise it could prove fatal for the OTT platform. Many times Amazon has also sent DMCA notices to Tamirakers and blocked domains through Internet Service Providers.

Mainly Tamil film industry has turned against such privacy websites, they have been publishing new movies on their websites, many anti-privacy companies have also come forward recently, Facebook, Youtube and websites like these companies are very cooperative these days to delete the new movies published on their websites.

Post-release Privacy

If you look carefully it is not uploaded on Premisi website, all the movies are just recorded by cameras, some people are getting 10 thousand to 20 thousand rupees by receiving the hd hub 4 u movie party and recording the new released movies with their camera in the theatre and selling them. Premisi website now a new technology has emerged to know in which theatre the movie was recorded that is Watermarking, each theatre will be given a serial number if someone records the movies then the video will contain the serial number which can only be seen by eyewitnesses the serial number will not be visible to the naked eye or camera using this technology It is possible to know in which theatre the movie was recorded.

Of course the owner of the theatre has to cooperate to use such technology and it costs a lot but if by chance the theatre agrees then one day it will be helpful to know in which theatre the recording was done using this technology and take strict action.

Hd hub 4 u movie website shutdown completely?

The very famous hd hub 4 u movie website has finally come to an end for the last ten years because they were recording brand new movies and allowing people to watch them on their website. He has expressed his happiness by sharing on social media, besides, there are many fans of Tamirakars website, he also expressed his feelings by sharing information about it on his social media account Facebook, Twitter above mentioned.